Secrets to happy bicycling

LOCATION and Open Times for January 2023:  Open Mondays to Saturdays 9am to 6pm, and some Sunday mornings (contact us) , 106 Robert St , Islington, NSW.  Open to the public . Established in 2007, for a circular economy, healthy (body and mind) transport and safer, affordable city (less urban sprawl) !  Buy, borrow, or trade bikes from us.  Parts, fixing, workshops, riding skills and more…
Buying a Bike/parts or getting repairs:  You can pay us cash to buy our bikes or for us to repair yours.  Or trade/swap your bikes for our bikes/parts.  Cheapest repairs in Newy!
Bust the Myths Info:  SecretsToHappyPushbiking
Free Membership:  5 min survey :
Closed Times:  Most Sundays, Most NSW Public Holidays.  For open times see above.
Phone:  Sometimes works :  0249 (if you were ringing about donations please read about it, 5 lines below) 616582
Address:  details in the Location paragraph above.

Email (we usually check at 7am daily) :

Borrowing a Bike From Us:  All info at the How To Borrow page

Bikes/Parts Donations:  It is more sustainable for things to be reused in your local suburb.  Bike for sale/free sign on your front fence, OR free web ads on gumtree and facebook marketplace, or donate to local charity.  Failing that for Novocastrians, we accept any bikes/parts/helmets/accessories working or not for donation/swap/trade if you become a member (for free, details above).  Or we can help fix for very cheap.

Walking, Bicycling and a CycleSafeNetwork is wanted by most:

Direct from Newy council’s 2030 vision (with full community consultation) is : “Walking, cycling and public transport will be viable options for the majority (50% at least) of our trips”.  Reduces congestion and makes main roads faster for the 49% of trips done by cars (less congestion for emergency vehicles, and disabled permit cars).  Win, win, win for everyone.   Pushbiking (includes covered cargo electric assist bikes are useful and all other excuses of not cycling are solvable).   Bust the transport myths that 99% of people are confused about:

We help make pushbiking for transport a realistic choice for all now (ask us anything!)

Active transport helps solve most of our community problems:  This website is compiled with expert knowledge about cycling in Newy.  Find out about safe back streets, confusing bike pictures on roads, seat height, riding skills, gears and heaps more on this website and

Combine buses and trains with pushbikes for Active Transport

With the more frequent Newy buses on “key corridoors” there is another option up for transport. Ride an old pushbike with a big lock to your nearest “key coridoor” bus stop. The older/more worthless the bike, the better (so as to reduce the risk of theft). This partly solves the issue of less frequent buses in some areas.  The bike library will donate 50 pushbikes for people who want to do this.  Email us to be a part of this scheme..
Public transport makes a profit for the whole of society when all costs/benefits are considered. Road deaths/trauma, congestion, parking, urban sprawl, active transport, liveable cities.

Secrets to happy bicycling