Secrets to happy bicycling

Open usually Monday to Saturday (closed times below) 9am to 5pm at 106 Robert St,  Islington, NSW.  Established in 2007, and we are still open in 2021!
Latest Covid-19 info :
We are going contactless (like everyone else).  You must wear a face mask.  A cash jar and bikes left in a pick up area mean zero contact and more than 3m distancing.  Otherwise we are still helping Newy with safe active transport.
WORKSHOP – The workshop is still open and operational for anyone needing repairs.  Drop your bike off, and pick it up later.
Learn the secrets and bust the myths :  SecretsToHappyPushbiking
All welcome at the bike library! (Nonmembers and non-students also)
5 min Membership survey to bust some road myths:
Buy, borrow, or trade bikes from us.  Parts, fixing help, workshops, and riding skills.  Try to find new riders for unwanted bikes in your local suburb.  Failing that, adult donated bikes will assist with our “Bikes for Africa” program.
LOCATION and Open Times:  See above.

Closed Times:  Sundays, Public Holidays. And other times written here:  Fri 15th Oct 3:30pm to 5pm (open from 9am to 3:30pm)

Phone:  The old phone number was for the Uni Bike Hub East


For borrowing a bike or Bike Love Corral membership or Bike Library membership goto Menu : select the How To Borrow page

Walking, Bicycling and a CycleSafeNetwork is not a minority wish for cities:

Direct from Newy council’s 2030 vision (with full community consultation) is : “Walking, cycling and public transport will be viable options for the majority (50% at least) of our trips”.  Reduces congestion and makes main roads faster for the 49% of trips done by cars (less congestion for emergency vehicles, and disabled permit cars).  Win, win, win for everyone.   Pushbiking (includes covered cargo electric assist bikes are useful and all other excuses of not cycling are solvable).   Bust the transport myths that 99% of people are confused about:

We help make pushbiking for transport a realistic choice for all now (ask us anything!)

Active transport helps solve most of our community problems:  This website is compiled with expert knowledge about cycling in Newy.  Find out about safe back streets, confusing bike pictures on roads, seat height, riding skills, gears and heaps more on this website and

Combine buses and trains with pushbikes for Active Transport

With the more frequent Newy buses on “key corridoors” there is another option up for transport. Ride an old pushbike with a big lock to your nearest “key coridoor” bus stop. The older/more worthless the bike, the better (so as to reduce the risk of theft). This partly solves the issue of less frequent buses in some areas.  The bike library will donate 50 pushbikes for people who want to do this.  Email us to be a part of this scheme..
Public transport makes a profit for the whole of society when all costs/benefits are considered. Road deaths/trauma, congestion, parking, urban sprawl, active transport, liveable cities.

Secrets to happy bicycling