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Climate healthy, mental healthy, and safety healthy: active transport!
All welcome! (Nonmembers and non-students also)
5 min Membership survey to bust some road myths:   https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JVNQNP8
Buy, borrow, or trade bikes from us.  Parts, fixing help and workshops.
Pushbikes are awesome transport!  If you disagree then you are doing it wrong and/or you haven’t busted the myths yet.   SecretsToHappyPushbiking
Learn solutions and info that is difficult to find (or google) that almost all people (99%) in Newcastle do not know yet!
Open and Closed Times and location: See our home page

For borrowing a bike or Bike Love Corral membership or Bike Library membership goto Menu : select the How To Borrow page https://newcastlepushbikelibrary.wordpress.com/how-to-borrow/


Bike Love Corral

Get empowered with knowledge that 99% of people do not know  (it is difficult to google it).  We help make active transport a happier, faster, and realistic choice for all now (ask us anything!)

Pushbikes help solve most of our community problems:  Discover the bigger picture, life transforming journey, including more reasons this is related at https://nubug.wordpress.com/take-action/
For an awesome Newcastle: happiness, jobs and affordable housing and more ethical (no toxic exhaust, or creating danger with cars. Remember that 99% of cars tailgate dangerously being less than 3 seconds behind the car in front, it is easier to get more safety/happiness by pushbike, see below).  Free bikes/parts. Cheap working 2nd hand bicycles/parts/fixing. Buy, borrow, hire, request with cash or trade-ins. 25 more kids/adults bikes a week. Donate bikes/parts. Discover safe backstreet shortcuts, door-to-door transport, combining exercise and commuting (save time) , learning safe lane position and seat height, traffic skills, the confusing bike pictures, rides etc.

Facebook Page:  Newcastle Bicycle Community and workshop


If you have any bikes, parts, or broken/rusted bikes that you have tried to sell or give away, we will take them as your last resort. Drop them in to The Bike Love Corral and we can sort the trash from treasure and most bikes donated will get ridden again within a month. However we recommend trying to get rid of your bike locally to you. Bike for sale sign on your front fence, free ads under $200 in the Newcastle Herald (http://www.theherald.com.au/content/forms/39) OR free web ads on gumtree and facebook marketplace. Offer on freecycle (see below) or donate to local charity.

The Bike Love Corral offers to everyone:
1. Trade-in or buy with cash second hand bikes /accessories. Most adult bikes are between $40 and $90 for a quality, fully serviced and checked pre-loved bike.  Kids bikes are even cheaper $5 or $30 for back pedal brake bikes.

2. Bike fixing, servicing, fixing help and workshops.  Cheap bike fixing and cheaper with trade-ins.
a) Do not believe “experts” saying it’s not economic to fix your bike (these people usually want you to buy a new bike).  We have fixed 1000’s of bikes over the last 8 years for under $30 when most bike shops quote over $200 to fix it.
b) $5 for fixing 1 thing on bike (flat tyre, brake, etc)
c) $30 for full service of a ride-able bike (most parts included in this price)

3. Donations of pre-loved bikes or parts can also be done.  But please try freecycle, or gumtree to get reuse of your bikes in your local area.
4. Pre-loved helmets ($5), locks, lights, carry-racks ($10), baby seats, etc.

The Bike Love Corral offers free things to Bike Love Corral members:
1. Borrow, or order second hand bikes /accessories from the NewcastlePushBikeLibrary.wordpress.com (returnable deposit).

Get parts , non-working bikes
2. Use tools (we can help you use them)
3. Fix up a non-working bike (we can help you fix them)
4. Join a fixing workshop
5. Stop getting annoyed by cars, by joining traffic skills workshops
6. Get bike info/handouts/magazines/stickers/newsletters/flyers/ Bike User Groups, Bike Co-op models, etc.
7. Help us build a fantastic sustainable community self-help centre!
8. Learn different tyre/tube combos to stop punctures
9. Volunteers that have worked on a bike get a proportion of the amount the library bike gets borrowed/sold out for.  The proportion depends on the work they did on it to get to bike library standards.  Same day payments are not available.
10. If you want a working bike for free refer to Critical Mass promo.
Bikes/parts:  We usually can supply bikes and parts to people within 10 minutes (over 95% success for requests).  But for newer things or to save a trip send us an email to check we have it on site or in longer term storage (off-site)
Free Membership: Non-members are very welcome. We recommend membership for safer cycling in region, discounts, ordering bikes/parts and returns.
How to setup a bike library

Every Uni, city and town can easily support a bike library and community bike centre.  There is huge demand for good quality 2nd hand bikes.

Australia has over million pushbikes thrown out every year and so getting free bikes is easy.  The local community will donate 100s of bikes to you by dropping them off to you after you have a local media release.  Or you can truck it to local dumps or metal recyclers (a lot of them can keep bikes for you if you arrange it).  And the local police can also supply their unpicked up handed in bikes.  Getting bikes is easy.  The harder part is finding good bike mechanics to fix them.

Set it up with a Uni bike club.  Or the Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre just did it and relied on the free aspect to not get bogged down with taxes, paperwork, etc.


Uni bike club: NUBUG.wordpress.com
Proposal for realistic for all to use active transport network: CycleSafeNetwork.org.au
Comprehensive Uni cycling pages including maps: newcastle.edu.au/activetravel
Local Peak cycling advocacy group: NewcastleCycleways.org.au
Facebook page : Newcastle Bicycle Community and workshop
Discover life changing info: BikeLoveCorral.blogspot.com.au
Critical Mass (bike ride to celebrate cycling), BicycleNSW.org.au, Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre (radical advocacy group), World Naykd Bike Ride  (Misunderstood World Protest Bike Ride)

A bit about BikeWorks…

  • BikeWorks is a program of NUBUG . It is the oldest community bike shop program in Australia
  • You can learn how to fix your bicycle at BikeWorks
  • We will not fix your bike for you. We will teach you and help you to do it yourself.
  • You don’t need to know anything about bike mechanics: our volunteer mechanics will teach you.
  • Just drop in during our public hours: no appointments, registration, or membership is necessary. We’re open to everyone—just drop in during shop hours.
  • You can donate used bikes or parts
  • You can buy refurbished, used bicycles at BikeWorks.
  • You can buy used bike parts at BikeWorks. You can buy a limited selection of new parts as well.
  • Due to a lack of required safety equipment and facilities, we do not allow bleeding of hydraulics in our facilities. You can change your pads and perform other maintenance, but you will be asked to service any hydraulic fluids off-site. Local bike shops will bleed your brakes for as little as $30/brake.
  • We are limited in our ability to service some modern, high-end components (e.g. pressfit bottom brackets), as well as suspension. If you’re uncertain,contact us to confirm.
  • We do not allow combustion-engine equipped vehicles in our facility, including gasoline powered bikes. No exceptions.