How to Borrow

Bike Library membership is free and requires you to do a survey as described in step 1 below

Borrowing operates on a cash deposit and member system.  You can get your money back when returning the bike within 2 years (average deposit $50, some bikes are more, some less)

If you do not want to membership then just buy a bike from us and resell it to a friend or gumtree/facebook sell sites

To borrow a pre-loved bike follow these steps:

  1. Do this survey  :
  2. Drop by and get a bike from us.  If we do not have the type you want : request/order any type of bike (see our “Orders or Requests” page)
  3. Ride the bike!  Learn solutions and info that is difficult to find (or google) that almost all people (99%) do not know! ( At Uni always lock bikes in BikeHub East or BikeHub West (many outside bikes are getting stolen). Do not put others in danger, keep 3 seconds visual contact in front of you to help not crashing (when dark slow down).  Any problems we can help: safe back street short cuts, confusing “bike lanes”, etc.  If your bike is stolen report to police phone 131444
  4. Sorry Newy’s “fake bike lanes” confuse everyone.  They are not bike lanes, because they are too narrow and too close to parked cars.  Do not use Newy’s “fake bike lanes”Find safer backstreet shortcuts on the guide maps.  Or if it is not on those maps ask us where you want to go.  Save time combining exercise and transport. Watch out for spiky grass that punctures tyres.  
  5. Contact us about a week before returning the bike (usually reply email to your confirmation bike library membership)
  6. Give your bike to others, or sell it on etc., or return to us. 
  7. Return your bike to us to get your deposit back
  8. Optional is sending this email below:
Subject: Less road congestion for cars
Hi all,
 **Insert your sentence or more in your own words of : how you want Newcastle roads changed to be safer for cycling or what are the good shared bike paths in Newcastle.  Do not write about renting, hiring, borrowing bikes, or petition numbers.  Include the below two paragraphs. **
Worldwide, green bicycle lanes are great to use; wide and safe.  But the “fake bike lanes” in Newcastle are bad :  Do not cycle over the pushbike pictures painted on Newy roads because they are not bike lanes (too narrow, too close to parked cars and not signposted).   UoN webpages and NSW Road Rules 153, 144 & 247 advise to pushbike the safe way (usually 1.5m away from parked cars ).   Unseen children can open car doors at any time with no warning and push you into traffic. 

All 3 levels of government need to fund an unconfusing, non-discriminating, basic human rights safer Active Transport Network. Walking, cycling and public transport to be viable options for body/mental health, less traffic, less road trauma, etc.  Everyone wins.

From:  Name, address


Full terms and conditions for borrowing a bike:  The steps shown above as well as:

Library Currently run by

Bike Library membership is same as membership.  Borrow a bike for up to 2 years (actually 25 months because our records are monthly not daily). Contact us for extended borrowing periods.  When returning a borrowed bike you can get your full deposit back if in no worse condition when you borrowed it and if you follow the rest of the borrowing details. So keep your bike, helmet, lock, etc. in good order, or you will only get part of your deposit back.  If someone else is returning your bike inform us by email.  Please bring I.D. when returning.
You can swap your bike for a different one.
If your just borrowed items have something wrong, then notify within 5 working days, otherwise it is assumed (not limited to) the following is correct:
Helmet:  Has been checked that the straps are strong, and buckle works.  The inside protective foam has no cracks.  The outside of the helmet is either a material cover (over the inside foam) or it has a smooth plastic cover over it.  If the smooth plastic cover has cracks it should have sticky tape to retain it’s smoothness (not taking care and bumping against hard things will crack plastic).  

Locks: Still work. (rain can rust them up).  All keys returned.
Bike (note that jumping, hitting bumps, or crashing can damage bikes):
1. Wheels:
a. Still pumped up with valve cap on and valve straight in wheel (riding with them underinflated can cause the valves to go an an angle and shear a hole in the valve.
b. Tyre still operates correctly (Skidding can wear them out)
c. Spokes unbroken, rim true and straight without buckles or dints, hub bearings spin freely
2. Brakes: Still operate correctly: stopping the bike and releasing as well (rain can rust them up). Includes levers, cables, brake calliper devices.
3. Seat pole not bent (if too high they can bend. Stand off seat when going over bumps/dips to reduce bending). Seat still operating and on bike tight.
4. Gears working (rain can rust them up)). Includes levers, cables, gear device. Note that the highest gear on the rear derailier has been “screwed” out to stop people choosing the wrong gear (see Pro and nonPro Tips)
5. Frame, forks, cranks, handlebars not bent or cracked.
6. Pedals operate correctly
7. Reflectors still intact. Every adult bike will have a rear red reflector, and at least one wheel orange reflector. (not taking care and bumping against hard things will crack plastic)
8. Hand grips still correctly sitting on bars, without bar end showing.
9. Bike can still steer correctly. 10. Chain links free to move, and not rusted up by leaving out in too much rain.

From July 2016 needed to get member number within a week , otherwise less $10 refunded.

From 29th Nov 2018 need be a member before getting bike. ( if you got a bike from us Prior to this date and believed you were borrowing it from us we can buy back the bike (will not withhold the money)