Win A Bike

Do this Road Myth survey and get (or win) healthy safe transport: a Pre-loved Pushbike! Different types get retired (due to the bike not being popular) from the bike library each week.   They have inbuilt security features (some surface rust).  After doing this survey :
We will send an email, and then you let us know what type of bike you want.
Full terms and conditions below
Media Release: The annual bike library giveaway:
“Member or non-member, everyone benefits by winning a bike surplus to stocks.   Get one for yourself, or to give to someone else, or get an early Christmas present.   This eases the pressure of rising housing costs.  It also promotes cleaner air, and incidental exercise travelling by bike good for body and mind health.   With the success of War on Waste, many people are loving using quality pre-loved goods.”  Dan Endicott, Co-ordinator of the Newcastle Push Bike Library said .
“The survey to complete empowers you to learn road safety myths that 99% of people do not know about.  (With full references to road rules) This knowledge leads to less stress for motorists, walkers, and cyclists.”  Dan said.
“Local active transport groups are being proactive with road safety education.   The government has failed to implement systems to educate people on how to ease traffic congestion and travel safely.   Be amazed at what myths have become engrained in bad driving/cycling habits.   What better way to spend 5 minutes, then to get knowledge for a more stressless, happy commute, and winning a climate friendly pre-loved pushbike?! ” Dan says.
Full terms and conditions
The bikes surplus to the bike library vary from week to week.   The kind of bike you desire may not always be available or may require extensive wait times.  Bikes have inbuilt security features (surface rust) and are pre-library bikes (2nd hand).   Some people buy, fix, borrow or trade (bikes/parts) with us if they want a bike sooner and/or shinier.  We do not require a competition authority number because it is not a lottery.  One bike per person.